10 Steps to a Smooth Closing


Once you've made an offer on a Lake condo and all contingencies have been met by both parties, closing on the property becomes final. Closing costs can vary, but we are lucky that Missouri is one of the, if not the lowest closing cost States. . To help you get a sense of what's left to be done, here are 10 basic steps involved in closing the deal:

  1. Draw up a purchase offer with detailed contingencies (inspection, financing if necessary,review of resale certificate).
  2. Seller accepts the deal or counter offers with a different price. Counter offers can go back and forth until the offer is accepted.  I will be working for you during this process, this is when my 23 years of experience can really help you. 
  3. I will order the re-sale certificate and start the title process immediately.   
  4. Apply for your loan if you aren't already pre-approved Hint: Please Get Pre-Approved!
  5. Get the condo appraised.
  6. Have the condo inspected by a licensed inspector.
  7. Perform a final title search, read the title insurance policy, and homeowners insurance, as required by your lender
  8. Review all documents to ensure accuracy, review the Closing Document to make sure the numbers are correct. Arrange the time and place of closing, and make sure you know the amount of funds to bring to the closing.
  9. Perform the final walk-through of the unit prior to close.
  10. Go to closing, documents are signed, and get the keys to your new Condo!

Each of these steps involves a number of details, and I would be happy to guide you in this process. My experience WILL make the closing on your new condo as quick and as hassle free as possible. For help right away, please call or email 573-480-6420.

Do you need support or advice during this exciting and stressful time? Just call or email me any time.