7 Condominium Tips for Sellers


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Here are few things I recommend to prepare to sell your condo:

  1. Call an HVAC person in to clean your condenser coils. You can and should replace the filter yourself. Clean the entire area around the indoor unit, it attracts lint and is usually in need of a good cleaning.
  2. Clean and clear your dryer vent, make sure the connection is good and tight at the dryer. Replace hose clamps if needed.
  3. Clean the faucets and aerator screens on your faucets with CLR or Lime Away. Clean your shower head as well. The Lake is notorious for having very hard water.
  4. Clean/clear slow drains. Don't use Drano or other harsh chemicals in a condo! There are many products that won’t damage plumbing this is important in a condo.  If you start a leak, you will be liable for damage to other units.
  5. Drain the hot water heater. Turn off the breaker, and then attach a garden hose to the lowest drain. Drain, then remove hose and refill tank and turn on breaker.  Check that you have a TPS tube properly in place and open at least 6 inches above a drain. If not, the inspector will note it and ask that it be installed.
  6. Check operation of your fireplace. Make sure to have it operational for inspector or he will not it was not operational at the time of inspection.  
  7. Check and test smoke detectors. If you have a gas or propane fireplace, especially a vent less one, have a carbon monoxide detector installed.