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St Moritz Condominiums

St. Moritz condo fire


Good reason to have fireboats at the Lake.  Great job limiting damage by the professionals at Osage Beach Fire.   Most people don't know but there are 2 condos that bear the name St Moritz, one is St Moritz Estates and the other is St. Moritz on the Lake.  They are separate associations and do not share amenities.  This fire was at St Moritz Estates.  

St Moritz Condos for Sale



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The Lake Condo Expert

Most real estate agents at the Lake of the Ozarks have never owned a condominium.  John Garrett lists condos for sale and helps buyers find their dream condo daily, and has done so since 1995.  He also buys and sells, and sometimes buys and will hold and rent condos for nightly vacation rental.  How is an agent going to help you find, answer your questions about getting a loan, insuring, remodeling, and possibly renting your condo if they have never owned a condo?   John knows the answers because he is the "Condo Expert" and can help you every step of the way so that your buying or selling experience goes as smoothly and as hassle free as possible.  

He doesn't compete with his buyers for condos; his purchases are mostly people contacting him…

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After 6 straight years of increasing condo sales we say our first dip in number of condos sold.  Am I worried the condo market is cooling?  Not at all.  First of all the decrease was only 2% less than 2017.  Second, the number of condos for sale is at it's lowest point in decades.  This is my 25th year of selling Lake Condos and I never recall the inventory being this low relative to the number of condos in this market. 

While it does pose a challenge for a first time condo buyer, it also reinforces the importance of hiring a Condo Expert like John Garrett.


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