How Condo Fees Can Save You Money

People who look at Condo fees as a drain on their wallet or a reduction in their buying power really aren't thinking the issue through logically. Each condominium location needs to be evaluated on an individual basis, and the amenities and overall condition of the units should be the determining factor.

Think about the house you live in now, and start adding up your monthly expenses for the following:

  • Cable TV   

  • Internet

  • Trash

  • Water Bill

  • Sewer Bill

  • Hazard Insurance

Now consider expenses that aren't monthly, but that you incur such as:

  • Inspect Spraying

  • Pool Access

  • Exterior Home Repairs

  • Grounds Upkeep

  • Snow Removal

  • Leaf Removal

  • Annual HOA Dues

  • Boat Dock (Insurance, Fees, Damage Repair)

I would guess that to add all of these items up individually would likely cost more that what you would be paying for a Condo association fee. Condo association can buy these services "in bulk", and many of the charges are discounted, such as the cable TV, Internet, water and sewer. The important thing to remember is that no one is making money of these fees, they are your share of the properties expenses divided equally or according to your square footage.

One needs to really assess what amenities are important to them, because amenities and common areas do cost money to insure and maintain.Condo amenities range from indoor pools, health clubs, on site security, indoor tennis, multiple pools, hot tubs, kiddie pools, etc.

The trade-off is a care-free getaway for you, friends, and family. Imagine a lifestyle where you have no snow removal, no grounds upkeep, no leaf removal, no gutters to clean, a nice clean crystal clear pool that you never lift a finger to use! The kids or grand kids can play in safety, and you can relax the second you unload the groceries! That is the Lake of the Ozarks Condominium lifestyle.