I have had the nickname "The Lake's Condo Expert" for almost 2 decades, I remember the first time I heard that.  I showed a buyer a few condos, and he had just looked the previous day with another agent.  That agent had no idea about condo insurance, POA dues, and how condo boat docks are owned and transferred.  The buyer was impressed when I answered all of his questions, and replied "man, you are like the Condo Expert, I want to work with you."   I went back to the office and told my Broker. He said "that is a great nickname for you, The Condo Expert!"  He started telling people I was the Condo Expert and it just stuck from there.   

Also, the client that first called me that has bought and sold 3 different condos over the years and has referred to me about a dozen or so clients that also purchased Lake condos.  

Let me use my vast knowledge of condominium sales, financing, insurance, and renting to YOUR advantage.  I have assisted many, many buyers over the years, as well as purchased, owned and sold many condos personally at the Lake of the Ozark.  Some were very challenging, and those experiences are the ones that taught me the most.  I can make sure to avoid problems with your closing so that you not only can save some money on the purchase, I can make sure your purchasing experience is also stress free and FUN as well

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