Why This Site is Different

The first thing that makes this website different is that you don't have to register for access to listings.  They are all here, in real time, and no registration is necessary.   Why do other sites want your email? So they can spam you with info you don't need.  If they are part of a large franchise, that data is likely sold to the highest bidder. 

The second is that this is not a "Lead Capture" site like every other real estate site at the Lake.  They will give you the listings, but only after you give them your phone # and or an email address.  These leads get split up to different agents, and they are instructed to call and e-mail you to put the hard sell on you.   Not with this site.

I have no registration, and even when you sign up for my very powerful automatic e-mail updates, your e-mail stays secure in the system, and it is just to send you the listings you ask for.  You won't get any e-mails from me until you contact me directly.  If every other company captures leads on the internet, why would I not require registration?  I know that savvy buyers will appreciate that I respect their privacy, and I know they will contact me when the time is right to buy their Condo.     

The third thing is that this is a condo only website, the biggest and best of it's kind at the Lake.  I have original articles about buying, selling, renting, renovating, insuring, condominiums at the Lake of the Ozarks.  No canned articles about hurricane insurance or how to increase you curb appeal.   I write everything that is on this site for the Lake of the Ozark Condo market. 

This site is a resource to be used to help buyers and sellers to educate themselves on this unique market.  My 23 years experience comes in handy and can be very useful.  Call me anytime at the number above.

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