You Need a Buyers Agent

All agents promise to do a good job selling you a property, but to sell condominiums, you have to do it full time, all of the time. The condo market can be confusing to many agents, so it is no wonder many buyers end up the same way.

As your buyer's broker and as a Condo Expert, once you have an accepted purchase offer on a condo, I will notify the title company to request a Condo Resale certificate.  This shows you the minutes of the condo association's last meeting, the condo operating budget and reserve funds, and the Declarations, CC&Rs and By-laws of the Condo. Most buyers are simply handed this bundle of papers at the closing table. It is crucial to review this information ahead of time, within a certain time limit, while you still have the right of refusal. Otherwise, you are waiving your rights as a buyer.

Here is what I guarantee to do for you, as your Buyer’s Agent:

  • I will show you the minutes of the condo association board meetings of the condo you have under contract. This is where everything going on, the good and the bad in a condo complex is on display. I will get this information and review it with you. 
  • I will find out if the Condo complex you are buying in is properly funded. If it is underfunded, expect to pay more in special assessments in the near future. If the reserves don't appear to be enough, it is best to walk away from the sale and look elsewhere. 
  • Find out the delinquency rates of present owners. If people aren't paying their association dues on time, that is either a sign of discontent or an indication that the association might be underfunded.
  • Make sure there are no lawsuits or potential future litigation concerns against the association.
  • Review the Rules and Regulations, CC&R’s and By-Laws and make sure you understand them. These get very detailed all the way down to the number of pets allowed, parking spaces, quiet hours, and all aspects of daily life at the complex.

Don't go with an "average" agent, or one that may or may not know how to properly protect a buyer, and one that could jeopardize your rights as a consumer. As your Buyer's Agent, I will work ONLY for you, with your best interest as my goal. There is no charge for this (the seller pays the commission), and buyers that sign a buyer's agency and choose to work with a Condo Expert are rewarded with fantastic service every step of the way.

As a dedicated "Condo Expert" I will make sure you are the most informed buyer you can be when you are at the closing table confidently signing the papers as I hand you the keys to your new condo.  Just think how exciting that will be!

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